We are Official Retailer of OneBladeShave for the European Union.

We believed from the deepest of our hearts in success of OneBlade Project that will change the men feel about shaving.

The new era has just began.

Our belief is based on solid facts:

  • OneBlade gives you an experience of barbershop into your hand within your daily shaving routine
  • Extremely deep and effective shaving needs less efforts and gives more pleasure in comparison to the current mainstream monopolist technologies that can be called “fast food shaving”
  • Effective shaving can be much cheaper and does not need to purchase advanced and expensive cartridges
  • We believe that we have an advantage over the mainstream monopolists and set a new trend of shaving and thinking of shaving.

…and one more thing (!!):

Genesis razors have real life guaranty – it means that or all deficiencies will be removed without any time limitation – even in 100 years. But in practice first you die before your razor will break.

The crucial pillar of OneBlade concept was to produce heirloom item that will be passed on from one generation to the next.

Thanks for joining us.

Start living out your best with OneBlade.

OneBlade Europe Team