Better skin


Over the course of a lifetime, you’re going to have a lot of morning shaves. Day after day, running that razor over your skin can take its toll—especially when you’re applying way too many bells and whistles.

As the number of blades on mass-market razors stacks up, so do the claims of pulling and tugging so the slicing can go below the surface.



Extreme closeness doesn’t count for much when it’s coupled with irritation and inflammation. With a single blade, you can shave right on the skin’s surface, not beneath it in the land of redness and razor bumps. If the science behind shaving taught us nothing else, it’s that only the first blade does the work. Everything else is irritation.

With the specially engineered angle, pivot, and sharpness built into our design, you’re set up for a close but skin-loving shave without having to think about it.


If you’re paying attention to your shave, you shouldn’t just stop at the razor—we worked just as painstakingly to precisely combine ingredients in our Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm that cares for your skin, and let you put your absolute best face forward. That’s half the shave.


We’ve blended our Shaving Cream with lavender oil—the number-one must for anti-inflammation properties—safflower oil to retain moisture, and sweet almond oil to actually dislodge impurities from the follicle and deliver vitamins so you’re hydrated, lubricated, and packing your skin with nutrients. Mix in some aloe vera and other moisturizing ingredients for good measure, and your face is left feeling incredible.


The other crucial element to the shaving routine is a good, alcohol-free aftershave for skin regeneration, repair, and protection. The cornerstone of our aftershave formula is SyriCalm, a natural product derived from poria cocos and phramites—believe it or not, a mushroom and a grass. That’s the magic combo needed to support skin against external stresses like shaving and help skin recover its natural balance. Throw in some antioxidants like CoQ10, topical sodium hyaluronate—the acid that helps keeps your skin hydrated—aloe, witch hazel, avocado oil, and more, and you get a moisturizing formula that can be used across all skin types for maximum protection and relief.

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